mini portable eye shadow palette

Baked powder eyeshadow refers to pure mineral powder, which will expand after heating, and it is very safe without any chemical elements. Compared with ordinary eye shadows, although the color rendering of this eye shadow is not particularly good, its safety and natural feeling after applying it are the reasons why people choose it, especially some baking powder with low color saturation. The glitter of the eyeshadow is very delicate. They are non-irritating to the skin and are especially suitable for sensitive skin.

What is the difference between baking powder eyeshadow and ordinary eyeshadow? There will be differences between the two in terms of texture, color rendering, fit and makeup. Compared with ordinary eyeshadows, baking powder eyeshadows have a finer powder, and almost no rough graininess is visible to the naked eye. This kind of eyeshadow has a strong conformability, and the makeup effect is more natural after applying it; while ordinary eyeshadows have a grainy feel. Strong, wide range of colors but easy to take off makeup.

If customers care more about the safety of the product, we would recommend baking powder eye shadows, such as mini four-color eye shadows. This eye shadow has 4 colors, and the weight of each is 0.6 grams. The powder is delicate, all ingredients comply with international regulations, and are pure natural, vegan, no animal testing.

It is lightweight, you can use it for makeup sets in box, or portable travel cosmetics series, or event gifts!

This series includes some daily matte brown eyeshadows, bright colors suitable for spring, dark colors suitable for winter. Also, it includes gradient blue and purple color eye shadow pigment..

mini 4 color eyeshadow

Generally speaking, metallic eyeshadows are mostly baked powder texture, very metallic, which is a texture often found in European and American markets. For example, the baking highlighter of Rolla has this kind of texture. The characteristic is that the powder is very compact,fine and high-grade, and most of them can be used for both dry and wet purposes. If you want to customize more diverse and shiny colors, you can also contact us!

Post time: Dec-08-2021