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These 12 common colors are very suitable for autumn and winter seasons. For each makeup artist, it has an irreplaceable role in daily makeup, and it is easy to get started without errors.

  • Product Name: Vegan 12C Eyeshadow Palette
  • Finish Type: Matte, Glitter
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Product Benefits: Long Lasting
  • Color: 12 colors
  • Model: ES-0014
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    The 12 color combinations that are "turned over" every day are difficult to charm! There are not only plain and elegant daily colors, but also bright colors that make the eyes deep and energetic. Through the harmonious matching of the same color system of the 12 colors, it turns into a variety of colors of beauty.

    eyeshadow palette (8)

    EU Standard Safe Formula
    Not tested on animal suitable for any kind of skin type.
    Skin Friendly Texture
    This has soft and smooth powder texture on matte and satin shades, creamy buttery soft texture on glitter and shimmer shade that shows highly pigmented and rich while lasting reflect. Both textures are long lasting and well put, let your look stay gorgeously.
    Blendable And Easy to Apply
    Is easy to coat to the brush, just a gentle touch it would glide on your eyes and blend it well, we suggest glitter shades use with other colors together so that it shows the best effect of itself.

    Shimmer Eye Shadow
    Shimmer Eye Shadow
    Shimmer Eye Shadow
    Shimmer Eye Shadow

    eyeshadow universal formula
    "Light + Deep + Flash"
    Basic eye makeup - use a light color as a base first, and then darken it with a darker color

    Shimmer Eye Shadow
    eye shadow

    Shimmer Eye Shadow Custom Long Lasting Eye Makeup

    Capacity: 1.0g*12
    Suitable skin type: any skin type
    How to use: Take an appropriate amount of this product, apply it on the eye area and rub it gently to make it fully developed.
    Expiration date and expiration date after opening: 30 months from the date of manufacture, 18 months after opening
    Country of manufacture: China

    High fit oil control eye shadow

    Added plant silica gel, which can effectively control the oily substances around the eyes,
    No stuck powder, flying powder and caking problems,
    Has a soft yet tight fit.

    Radiant sparkle sequins

    Added Synthetic Mica Pearl Pigment,
    Shows a sense of radiant and colorful colors.

    Coordinated color combinations

    The harmonious matching of the same color system among the nine colors makes it more profound and spiritual under the combination of each other, creating an exquisite eye makeup that is difficult to pick.

    clear and even color

    Get rid of the turbidity of eye shadow powder,
    Make the color more clear and bright, even with a variety of colors,
    Can also show delicate and neat eye makeup.

    shimmer eyeshadow

    Q&A by professional makeup artists

    How to avoid the phenomenon of flying powder?

    It is recommended to take a small amount of powder several times, and use a brush to slowly smudge and extend the color in a small area. The effect of color rendering is greatly improved, and there will be no phenomenon of flying powder.

    How to keep eye makeup lasting?

    Wet the eyeshadow brush with a setting spray before applying eye makeup to reduce run-off. 
    Avoid skin care products with high oil content as a primer; do a good job of setting makeup; put on makeup as much as possible
    Avoid touching or touching eye shadow; do a good job of touch-up makeup in time

    Professional technical team

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    shimmer eyeshadow1
    shimmer eyeshadow
    shimmer eyeshadow4

    How to customize your own eyeshadow palette?

    Working with the Topfeel Beauty Team Couldn't Be Easier


    More than 1000 formulas of makeup


    Accept different packaging design


    Vegan & cruelty-free formula


    High performance—long lasting,high pigmented,blendable,fine texture

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