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—— Full Service Supplier of Color Cosmetics and Skincare

Founded in 2009, Topfeel Beauty is a full service private label cosmetic supplier and manufacturer from China, specializes in amazing products, fabulous quality and unbelievable colour selection. We provide ourselves in using only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients.

We are a leading company combing the design, R&D, production, and sales and packaging, for every step, we have professional and perfect procedures to create top-quality products. Our experienced Research and Design team develops new products every month. All of these make us trendy and professional in the line.

Quality Assurance

Topfeel Beauty is familiar with global regulations and we provide all documents from product testing and registration. We have a strict quality control process, from raw material procurement to production to inspection before shipment. Our factory has GMPc and ISO22716 certificates, and the products contain safe and good ingredients from Skin, Vegan, Cruelty Free, No Carmine, Paraben free, TALC Free etc. All of our formulas comply with EU, REACH, FDA, PROP 65.

Quality Standard

Judging products from different aspects:

1. Sensory (smell, color, smear)
2. Drop test (45-50 cm drop)
3. Physical and chemical test: cold resistance -5-15℃, heat resistance 45-70℃, PH neutral or weak acid
4. Five items of microorganisms: total number of bacteria, fecal coliform, Staphylococcus aureus, Agrobacterium aeruginosa, mold (Candida albicans).



R & D Capabilities

 Engineers: 4 senior engineers, 4 engineers, 2 process engineers, 8 samplers, and more than 30 other regulatory specialists, filing members, clerks, and craftsmen.

Instruments: light colorimeter, heavy metal detector, liquid phase gas analyzer, breaking instrument, flattening instrument, simulated transportation equipment, etc.

Detection: aging test and six kinds of temperature and humidity test, chicken fetal membrane laboratory test for allergy.

Accompanying customers to grow, incubating new brands, and giving far-sighted market information is what we have been doing. Topfeel Beauty are happy to work with you to create, develop and improve your products.

We continue to provide you with innovative formulas and textures, keeping in mind that your brand is unique and helping you stand out. We have experience in serving well-known brands, and we are also helping more emerging brands and KOLs to grow and develop their markets. Welcome OEM and ODM!


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