New product

This week, our company(TOPFEEL BEAUTY) has launched two new eyeshadows, which are 12-color transparent case eyeshadow palette and metallic liquid eyeshadow. You can see the characteristics of these two products from the posters.

Why do these two products exist?

First, in order to protect each eyeshadow from being contaminated, we have designed a magnetic suction function to ensure tightness. Second, due to the severe COVID-19 now, many people will choose to have parties at home, and metallic liquid eye shadow can meet this and help everyone easily wear gorgeous eye makeup to attend parties.

Of course, for new products, we can also provide free samples for customers to try. If you have better suggestions or want these products, feel free to contact us. We will be very grateful.

So, will you be the lucky one?

Post time: Apr-02-2022