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 The clear diamond eye shadow shimmers slightly under natural light, giving the eyes a unique makeup look. The charm of liquid eye shadow is not only the charm of sparkling eyes, the variety of colors makes people more like it. You can create colorful eye makeup according to your preference.

  • Product Name: Liquid Eyeshadow
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Finish Type: Shimmer
  • Skin Type: All
  • Features:: Long Lasting,Shimmer, Moisturizing, Vegan
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    About the liquid eyeshadow

    Long-lasting makeup, not afraid of taking off makeup. And comes with a brush head, easy to apply makeup. The glitter liquid eyeshadow is used to adorn the inner corners of the eyes and the lower eyelids, and the delicate and charming between the brows and eyebrows, creating sparkling eyes.

    Strong color saturation and good ductility. It is not easy to dull, and the powder gloss of micro-pearl is just right. The upper eye is a sense of luxury.

    The golden ratio of pearls and sequins unleashes a true metallic eye makeup, a dreamy combination of pearls and sequins that maintain a long-lasting radiance. Moisture-based liquid texture, with a light texture and silky feeling of vivid color interpretation.

    The durability of the liquid eyeshadow is better than that of the cream, and it is not easy to smudge on the eyelids. It can be used to brighten, overlay or directly draw lying silkworms. Apply a small amount on lying silkworms, it will give the eye makeup a finishing touch.

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    How to use


    The first step is to use a primer eyeshadow to make a primer, emphasizing the eye sockets.


    In the second step, use a pearlescent light-colored liquid eye shadow point in the center of the eye, and pat it with your fingers. Brushes are not recommended.


    The third step is to use a small amount of pearlescent silver liquid eye shadow to draw on the lying silkworm, which can not smudge. Finally, paint on your favorite eyeliner and mascara.


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