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This eye make-up tool can be used an superb eyeliner, as well as an eyeshadow pen or highlighter. Versatile design saves storage space and time of makeup for traveling. Colorful Glitter Eye Liner, ideal for Party, Cosmetic Show, Live Show, Prom Night, Dance Party, and Wedding Makeup.

  • Product Name: Eyeliner pencil & Eyeshadow pen
  • Finish Type: Metallic,Glitter
  • Product Benefits: Skin Care,Eye Makeup
  • Item Form: Pencil
  • Feature: Smooth & Soft head,Highly pigmented,Long-lasting,Smudge-proof
  • Model: ES-0016
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    About Multifunctional Eyeshadow Pencil

    【Waterproof & Long Lasting】It is formulated with natural plant wax, which makes the eyeliner refill soft and smooth, and highly fits the skin, giving it a matte texture after use. Fast drying and highly pigmented can be easily gliding, creating precise and delicate eyeliner without smudging. 


    【Suit For All Occasion】Safety formula, cruelty-free and suitable for all skin tone. The gel liner set is suiting for professional makeup artists and makeup beginners. Perfect for many occasions, such as Daily Working, Halloween, Wedding, Birthday Party, Cosmetic Show, Live Show and Dance Party.


    * Smudge-Shield

    Close and open with your hands to simulate the effect of blinking, do not smudge.

    *  Easy to Clean

    Dip a cleansing cotton with makeup remover and wipe it off easily.

    * Cruelty free cosmetics

    We believe animals belong in our arms—not in a lab. All of our makeup is cruelty-free. We don't test any of our products on animals.


    eyeshadow pencil

    Features of Eye Shadow Pen:
    Eye shadow pens are easier to carry, and it is more convenient to use. in addition, the color of the eye shadow pen is gorgeous, and the makeup is natural, which is suitable for beginners. And the thickness is easier to control, the powder is lighter and thinner.

    How to use eye shadow pen:
    Generally, the pen hat is spinned in a clockwise direction, dipped the eye shadow in the pen cap with the pen tip, and applied to the eyes with radial shape. After applying use loose powder or colorful eye shadow makeup.

    Caution for the use of eye shadow pen:
    1. Pay attention to color matching with eye shadow pens. It is best to draw in the shades of shades, you can effectively highlight the three -dimensional eyesight
    2. Based with light -colored eye shadow, such as light -colored eyeshadow fusion with the skin color, in the wrinkled area the color is brushed from the middle of the eyelids to the end of the eye, and then brushed from the eye socket to the end of the eye. The effect will be more natural.
    3. The use of the horny level can make the eye shadow deeper. Comparison in makeup deep eye shadow is the key part of the entire makeup. The outer corner of the eye is evenly blooming to the eye socket, and it can draw a good -looking deep -feeling eye makeup.

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