How to Distinguish the Quality of Eyeshadow

To distinguish the quality of eyeshadow is divided into three indicators: extensibility, blending, and fineness.

1. Extensibility

To judge the quality of eyeshadow, the first is to look at the extendability, which is an important sign. The eye shadow has good extendability with smooth touch indicating that it has fine particles, watery and thin, and soft texture. This kind of eye shadow is short in drying, so when you use it, pay attention to controlling time for tinting. A bad extension will appear rigid, and the color will be layered and unnatural.

The color rendering of eyeshadow has a great relationship with the texture of eyeshadow. Poor quality eyeshadows are not easy to color on eye, even if it is obviously, they will appear uneven and patchy. If people need to put on some daily makeup, they can choose powder or liquid eyeshadows with a slightly lower color; if it’s stage performances and  activities, it needs to set off a warm atmosphere, then needs to choose a creamy eyeshadow with a high pigment.

3. Fineness

The fineness of the powder when choosing an eye shadow is also one of the indicators for judging the quality of the eye shadow. Because the finer the powdery particles of the eyeshadow, the stronger the adhesion to the skin, the better the makeup effect will be, and it is particularly natural. Poor quality eyeshadow loose powder because the poor fineness and adhesion.

The Topfeel Beauty lab has launched a 35 colors eye shadow that meets everyday and pro makeup needs. Of course, it can also be said to be a suitable eye shadow plate for winter. Each shade is created with a pure mineral formula that is extremely blendable and will deliver long-lasting wear.

35C eye shadow

The following are the characteristics of this product:

- Pure Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

- High Pigmentation

- Blendable

- Soft and Smooth

- No Loose Powder

- Waterproof

- Net weight: 1.1 gram each


Post time: Dec-22-2021